BRISD Libraries

BRISD has three seperate campus libraries to meet the needs or our students and staff. Each library is during the school day from 8am-4pm. If you have questions about a campus library or need assistance, please contact the District Librarian or the Campus Assistant Librarians for help.

Please Visit our Library Project Page to see what our students have been accomplishing this year.

The following on-line sites are available for staff and students to use for research purposes.


Amarillo Globe News - Newspapers in Education Edition CIA Research Website
Ducksters Educational Site Encyclopedia Britannica
Research in Context General Research
InfoTrac Newstand
American West American Indian Histories & Cultures
TumbleBooks TumbleBook Cloud
BrainPop BrainPop Junior

On-line Library Catalog

AR Home Connect

For login and password information, you can email:

Kaylia Thomas, District Librarian

Mary Kellogg, BRHS Library Assistant

Sherry Neill, BMS Library Assistant

Sandy Pacino, Elementary Library Assistant




Reading Incentives


Birthday Club - Students are encouraged to read books by authors whose birthday occur during the month. Each month, a list is provided of authors that the students can chose from. 

Super Reader Club - AR tracks the number of words that the student reads when they take AR test. The elementary students have until May to accumulate 1,000,000 words. The word count starts over each year.

Reading Team - In the spring semester, students in each grade level are given a reading challenge sheet to encourage reading different genres, and nonfiction selections. These reading challenges are designed differently for each grade level to meet the needs of the circulum. 

Middle School--

Super Reader Club

   312,500 words –  10 Rider Reward Tickets

   625,000 words – Coke & Cookie Party

 1,250,000 words – Ice Cream Party

 1,875,000 words – Dippel Time

 2,500,000 words – Super Reader Day!