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Mimi Farley Principal

staffLaVaila Williams
Elementary Principal

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and to grow at Mimi Farley Elementary.   MFE is a Kindergarten through 5th Grade campus.  Students follow the Modern Classroom Project Model. Within this model, students work at their own pace while given many opportunities to stay on track.  Our MFE staff have huge hearts, have high, achievable expectations, and love our students as their own.  

The joy and laughter that comes from both the students and staff is my favorite part of being their principal. 

My most proud accomplishments are being a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. 

During my 11-year teaching career, I was an inclusion teacher, a lead teacher, a mentor, and an inspiring administrator.  Prior to teaching, I was a Caseworker at the Texas Workforce Center and Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.  Up until February of 2023, it was a privilege and pleasure to work at Blakemore Middle School since 2016 and at both BMS and MFE since 2021 as the Assistant Principal.