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Cindy Wihebrink


We inherit from our ancestors' gifts so often taken for granted. Each of us contains within this inheritance of soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise. – Edward Sellner




Hi, my name is Cindy Wihebrink and I am an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Blakemore Middle School.  I have been teaching at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch since 1990.  I am married, the mother of five wonderful children, ages 41, 40, 39, 29, and 26 and grandmother to a young man age 18, young lady age 15, a baby girl born in April, 2018, a baby girl born in October, 2018  and a future grandson to be born in October, 2020. 

The age of technology has been exciting and has allowed our students to have a window to a wider world and opportunities to explore beyond the ranch and school.  In my spare time, I indulge in exploring technology and love to research my family's genealogical roots on both my paternal and maternal sides.  Through my research and being able to prove I descend from a Revolutionary War veteran, I was able to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

If you like one of the links on my teacher webpage, please send me an email and let me know!  Thanks!

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